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Population Pyramids Essay

Population Pyramids Essay

1. The population of Australia passed the 16 million mark in August 1986 and the population grew faster from 15 to 16 million than from 14 to 15 million. The female population at this time outnumbered the male population, 8,005,000 to 7,968,000. The average age of males was 49.89 and the average age of females was 50.11. In 2006, the population of Australia was just over 20 million people. The median age was much younger than in 1986, closing in on 37 years for both sexes. Females continue to outnumber males in Australia by a similar ratio.

2. As of 2006, 4,027,947 people live in New Zealand. This is an increase of 290,667 people, or 7.8 percent, since 2001, according to census data. New Zealand’s population follows a similar pattern to Australia’s, where women outnumber men, 2,062,369 to 1,965,618, respectively. The median age in this country at this time is 35.9 years for all people.

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In 1986, the population was 3,313,500 people, experiencing a 0.3% increase from the year before. Males outnumbered females 100 to 97.9, contrary to the trend we have seen so far in both Australia and New Zealand. Furthermore, the population in 1986 had a median age of 30, which is also a figure that was consistently increasing, compared to the decrease we saw in Australia.

3. Although the population grew at a higher rate in New Zealand in 2006, factors such as the population is aging and the population of older persons is increasing makes me believe that the population will decline in growth. If it does not decline, and experiences a steady pattern of growth, it may still experience less growth than Australia, which seems to be growing at a nice pace over the past decade plus. Australia is getting younger and the female population outnumbers the male, which gives more opportunity for a higher birth rate.

4. There are many factors that can contribute to a population increase such as food, health care, sanitation, and standard of living. Improved technologies have allowed for agricultural establishments to support more and more people with greater efficiency. Fewer individuals die from injuries and illnesses due to improved healthcare and fewer individuals get infected due to a more clean and sanitized environment. Lastly, a better standard of living leads to low infant mortality rates.

5. The median age in New Zealand and Australia differ greatly. It can be seen that the population in New Zealand is just now getting older; meanwhile the population in Australia has already experienced that stage in the population pyramid cycle. In the aforementioned years particularly, you can see how the two countries are at different points in their development, even though the cycle may end up being similar.

Explain the patterns you see in Qatar's population profile in 2005…
The populations profile in Qatar shows a huge imbalance between men and women, where men outnumber women on an average ratio of 3:1. The population is growing most rapidly between the ages of 40-59 and 75% of the population is between the ages of 15-59. The population is growing at a rapid rate.

Qatar 2005…
The imbalance between male and female populations can be explained by constant arrival of foreign labourers due to the high involvement in the labour markets here, as opposed to the creative services driven economies of the west. This can create major social and security problems in the future.

Explain the patterns you see in Russia's population profile in 2005…
The Russian population profile shows a relatively young group of people. Because the quality of life is stabilizing in Russia, I think that the population will remain steady in the future. However, statistics show a higher employment rate and a higher standard of living in recent times, as well as there are more foreign investors and privatization than ever before.

Russia 2005…
Because many men died during WWII, it created an opportunity for a high birth rate due to the ratio of men to women. This resulted in many people being born between the 1970s-1980s and barring any catastrophes this pattern should continue for a while, until the population is once again balanced. This can be reflected in the above profile due to the boom in the young population, which has contributed positively to the economy.

-Which city: Australia, Sydney (east coast), Perth (western coast), or Darwin (north coast) would you expect to grow most rapidly in the future?...

The north coast has the lowest population density and one of the highest growth rates of all Australian states. The centre of the North Coast has moved 15.9 km north in the past years, which indicated very strong and rapid growth in the future. Western Australia will grow steadily due mainly to 3 factors, including interstate migration, overseas migration and natural increase. This could be due to a low population density in Perth, which creates an opportunity for growth, yet does not offer too much economic activity. The east coast has experienced the least growth in recent times. The construction of multistory apartment buildings in capital cities such as Sydney were the reason for higher growth a few years earlier but the trend does not continue in recent times. Population density here is high, so there is little room for growth on an overall scale.

Does the population profile of Darwin, Australia…
The population profile of Darwin, Australia shows an increase of older persons over the past five years. However, the population is experiencing a decrease in unemployment rate as well as in the total number of people not in the labour force. The assumption that the aging population will create a need for more activity in the public administration, safety, health care, and social assistance is backed up by a quick statistical analysis.

The population sizes for Australia, Sydney, Perth, and Darwin are quite different for all three cities…
Although the population sizes for Sydney, Perth and Darwin are all quite different, this does not necessarily display true population density. There are differences among these three cities such as population density and the surroundings and activity of each location. In the regard of population density, Perth and Darwin are similar compared to the likes of Sydney, which is one of the most populated cities in Australia.
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