Monday, May 14, 2012

Essay on Dialect

Essay on Dialect

"I have big news," trying to be enthusiastic. "What is it?" my sister and I replied with anticipation. "We are moving to Atlanta," she said with excitement. "What?" I replied in great disbelief. These were the words that had changed my life. At the time I thought this was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Little did I know it was the best thing.

Moving to Atlanta was a very big change that I thought would be very scary. Having to meet all these new people and changing cultures was kind of rough in the beginning. I was already very nervous the first day of school and then I learned that I also had one more challenge to overcome. I had to learn and speak a new dialect. Then everything seemed to go from bad to worse. All these new slang terms I had to try and understand. For example, "ya'll." Before I moved down here I had no idea what that meant. Another example would be "I'ma go get me some of dem French fried pertaters is another term that I learned which mean I'm going to get myself some french fries." Southern dialect is very complicated and complex.

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All of my new friends that I have made here have made fun of me on countless occasions for my northern dialect. For example, my friend David makes fun of me for saying the word "pop." In Ohio pop is our way of saying coke or soda. Another example would be my friend Alex making fun of me for liking the Cleveland Browns. I have never met someone from the south who has liked the Browns. Everyone down here seems to be quite fond of the Atlanta Falcons, being a Browns fan, I don't understand why.

In the south, there are many things that people do that the people where I'm from wouldn't even dream of doing. In Sandusky, not a lot of people do drugs or steal. Down here I hear all the time how people get busted for shoplifting or possession. It just goes to show that the area where you grow up affects the way you turn out. Usually you can tell by the way people talk, act, and look if they are going to be trouble when they grow up.

Language affects everything around us. In most cultures people do get judged by the way they act and talk. Judging people isn't really the way to live your life. I think if you meet somebody from a different society then you should definitely get to know him or her before you start passing judgment. If you are going to pass judgment on someone then you should have good reasons to. Being able to speak different dialects and not get persecuted for it is just one of the many things that make our country the best in the world!
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