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Essay on Inequality and Injustice

Essay on Inequality and Injustice

Political institutions are more than just symbols of the political system existing in the country. Our society and the whole world in general would be a complete dismay and chaos without such institutions. They can be called the spines of societies and not having them would prove to be calamitous. With the appearance of modern theories the opinions of the attraction of anarchy had appeared. Still these opinions can be opposed by a lot of various arguments. That is true that all people have the right to do as they please, still everyone must give up some rights to be governed by some authorities. Being governed and organized by somebody is in the human nature so everything in the existence of the political institutions is natural.

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However, in our modern times of the decrease of the feeling of morals and social duties many political institutions forgot what the purpose of their existence is. In fact this purpose is to protect the citizens from inequality and injustice, and improve their lives. When the first political institutions were originated in Ancient Greece these main principles were followed, however, in our developed world they are slightly sliding into dimness. Thus if these main principles are not followed there is simply no reason for the political institutions to exist.

It is rather surprising and unexpected but even though we live in progressive times, inequality and injustice persist at high levels. Even though the political institutions are still created to secure the “inalienable rights” of citizens against violation, they do not function the way we would expect them to. The inequality nowadays is everywhere, even though more and more “equality laws” are written annually. There is a theory that the economic globalization has made it difficult for governments to do anything about inequality and inequality. This theory can be explained by the fact that “democratic taxes” simply discourage work, driving up the cost of goods produced. They also hold back exports, and provoke capital to “flee abroad in search of higher profits”. (Benjamin I. Page, James R. Simmons, Scott Greer) However, such an explanation is not good enough to explain injustice and inequality under the rule of political institutions today.

And now I would like to give couple of the examples of injustices and inequalities. To begin with, women are still sometimes paid less than men for equal work that is purely cruel, because most working women are supporting a family either with or without a husband. Also there is a horrible new form of injustice among judges and legislators. The attorneys, judges and even public prosecutor are unjust and corrupt. A good example is the case of a Zachira Sheikh who was threatened by the judge in order to testify the wrong facts. Today also the courts are closed to complaints, and citizens simply lost the right to appeal to the government. In addition the political institutions still interfere with the citizens’ lives even though they are not supposed to unless he violates the rights of a fellow citizen. (Owk)

In conclusion, I would like to say that the creation of political institutions was necessary for everybody’s well being and safety. They do a lot of great things for us, like providing us with a particular structure and a sense of security. However, the political institutions today are not as effective as they should be when dealing with injustice. So only if this situation is improved and the government is returned to its proper function, the blessing of liberty, justice and equality my come to our society.
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