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Moral Obligation Essay

Moral Obligation Essay

“There can be no high civility without morality,” - said American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. Indeed, it is hard to object that morality and ethics play important role in human life, being an integral component of our behavior and communication. While making dicisions, we weight all merits and demerits, advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and probable risks, oftentimes relying upon moral principles. However, every person has individual vision of morality, sometimes differing from others’. I want to describe my own moral principles.

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Let us pose a question: Is it my duty to speak up if I see someone being hurt, even if it involved risks getting hurt? I think that every human being will behave depending on particular situation. Many factors should be considered, including degree of probable risk, circumstances, estimate of harm the one who is being hurt suffers from, and many others. Perhaps, it is truly important to assess all these aspects before making desision whether to interfere. However, my set of moral rules provides only one answer to this question regardless of circumstances, which is yes. Yes, it is my duty to speak up if someone is being hurt, even if it involves risks getting hurt to myself.

Our democratic and independent society has cultivated the concept of privacy. Due to this concept, one should not intervene unless he is asked for. I think that this rule may cause a great number of tragedies in human life, as it is sometimes acutely necessary to act when you are not asked for. I have always had an exagerrated sense of justice. That is why it was never a question for me whether to interfere. I have a strong moral concept that implies, in simple terms, to help anybody (be it a human being or animal) even if the probable utility for somebody will be less than my spendings (be it material or physical cost, an action, or time spent). Of course, if the utility is larger than my spending (which happens much more often), it is even more important for me to help. I will never forgive myself if I ignore suffering of others. Of course, the risk of getting hurt may exist. However, it never stopped me, although I did suffer few times from intervention. Nevertheless, as I truly helped somebody with my intervention, my expenses (physical or moral suffer) were always repaid.

“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict,” - I support every word of this phrase of Martin Luther King. I believe that ignoring somebody who is being hurt is almost a crime. I hate this policy of non-intervention according to privacy concept. I accept the only moral rule that dictates to intervene. Finally, I assure every person that it is our readiness to help each other regardless of circumstances that makes us human beings.
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