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Essay on Lena and Beneatha Younger

Essay on Lena and Beneatha Younger

It is 1972. The Younger family lives in the Clybourne Park. They have acquired several friends among their neighbors. For the last fifteen years, much has changed. The Youngers struggled a lot to occupy a decent place in the white society, to prove others that African Americans are worth a better life. At last, they achieved their aim: they have their own large house and the whole family lives there.

It took them much time and efforts to get on with the neighbors. When fifteen years ago they were offered money just to stay away and never even try to join the white society, they did not hesitated over the choice. They chose their cherished dream; they chose the aim they had been trying to achieve for so long time.

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All members of the family are strong personalities with strict moral principles. Beneatha, an ambitious independent student, never thought of assimilating with white people and wished to move to Africa with her Nigerian boyfriend Asagai. She was searching for her identity and did not understand her mother’s desire to live among white people. However, after moving to the Clybourne Park, she realized that at the time her family needed her help as never before. She did not move to Africa but even persuaded Asagai to stay in America. Beneatha decided to prove her rights there and to make white people understand and normally accept African Americans. She finished her studies, found a good job and married Asagai.

Walter, who comprehended at last the importance of the unity of the family and assisted his mother in the fulfillment of their dream, became a strong manly person. He learnt to think not only about himself but about his family as well. He does not argue about trifles any more, he learned to listen to other members of the family and co-operate with them while taking important decisions. His wife Ruth gave birth to a son and it made Walter more responsible and attentive to his family.

Lena Younger’s life is at last calm. Despite different problems and dilemmas that all the members of her large family meet, Mama feels happy, because her dream has fulfilled. Her family moved up in the world at the cost of many sufferings and racial struggles, nevertheless they managed to prove white people, at least their neighbors, that they are not the lower class. However, some people do not even greet them, but they managed to find friends as well.

For the past years, much has changed in the policy of the USA towards African Americans. The American Civil Rights Movement gained the diminution of the segregation and African Americans even began to play little roles in American politics.

Thus, in fifteen years the Youngers changed their lives much, they have achieved their aims due to strong will and character. All the members of the Younger family appreciated the significance of each other and of the unity of the family. They fought against racial discrimination and they managed to make several steps toward their equality with others. Still, primarily they have shown us how important it is to gain your ends in spite of all obstacles.
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