Saturday, September 22, 2012

Writing a Critical Research Paper

How to Write a Critical Research Paper

Every student who wants to achieve good knowledge and high-quality professional skills has to learn to prepare successful critical research papers on different topics. Writing a critical research paper does not always mean that you have to compare several problems, cases, events, movies, books, but present your own personal critical idea concerning the given topic. Researching the topic, you are expected to argue or support the ideas, suggestions of the scholars who have investigated this topic before and draw your own conclusions which illustrate your knowledge, critical thinking ability and analytical skills. Of course, students have difficulties with critical paper writing, so you are welcome to take advantage of the professional critical research paper writing guidelines which will make your writing process a bit easier.

Critical Research Paper Writing Tips:
  1. Starting conducting a research, read as much as possible about the topic, its problem. Find several different scholars who have analyzed this topic and study their conclusions. It is possible that they have drawn different conclusions, but remember that much work has been done to achieve these results. Reading the ideas of the scholars, remember that they have worked out many sources to provide you with reliable evidence on the topic. On the other hand, it is possible that these scholars have provided you with their own personal ideas and attitude towards the problem, so take it into consideration.
  2. When you gather enough information concerning the topic, try to produce your own ideas and attitude towards it. It is positive if you select facts, cases, events from the real life, your experience and connect them with the topic. Try to contrast your thoughts with the ideas of the specialists, experts in this topic and support your suggestions with the reliable evidence.
  3. When you write a critical research paper, remember about the structure of the whole paper. Comparing the results of the scholars, try to arrange your writing carefully, devoting a separate paragraph to every new point under discussion. When you build your paper logically, it will look well-analyzed, easy for understanding and valuable. Besides, always provide pros and cons to every point under research to analyze the problem from all sides.
  4. Using the ideas of the famous scholars, do not forget to cite their expressions, because your work will look like a stream of thoughts of the omniscient first person. Concluding the critical research paper, summarize the general points under investigation and write what you have achieved with your research, what problems have been solved and on the other hand, what problems arose and need extra research. Remember that a critical research must not be a great dissertation but a brief analysis of the given topic, comparison of different points of view and experience to present your own ideas objectively.
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