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Essay on Art Museum

Essay on Art Museum

The 2008 Whitney Biennial may truly be referred as the reflection of the state of American art today. The exhibitions include art projects by various talented modern designers and artist – most of them working not with a certain type of art – sculpture, drawing, painting, photography or video – but offering a mix of visual communications denoted to depict an idea, a message from the author to the rest of the world. The materials used are truly diverse from lately discovered materials to the junk and mud. With a use of light and sound, modern artists offer the visitors an insight to the world of meaningful beauty. The installations convey the meaning of the world’s order through the eyes of the artist.

Most of the world impress both with the artistic design and the creative realization. There rarely is an artwork that could not be called impressive.

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The curators of this year’s Whitney Biennial carefully selected the representatives of the modern artistic circles whose oeuvres would reflect the state of the modern American art. That is probably why the works are all unique but they all have the dynamism and sense of up-to-datedness.

The installation by Carol Bove, the Night Sky over New York offers a modern glance at the surrounding life and beauty of the place around us. The author herself calls the delicate mechanics the surrounding environments “the ambience cues”, and this phrase surely conveys the essence of her artworks. Though simple and delicate, it is always a way of depicting reality through the displays and various objects that do not restrict the imagination and the meanings, but to the contrary – offer a flesh look at the meaning of modern life.

Another artist worth mentioning is Charles Long. His works draw attention of the visitors mostly because it is a combination of sculpture, photography, forces of nature and wastes left by humans in the course of life, with the application of creative thinking and artistic view of the surrounding. The artist himself calls it the “implosion or explosion” of materials. The Poem of the River, for example, is a steel armature covered with frozen drips of plaster covering the wastes collected from the river in LA. The forces of nature, the fight of good and evil, the role of humans in the existence of the world are the eternal topics not alien to the author. The aliens he presents to the public seem to be able to tell us about the cosmic design of the being, the truth about our past, present and future.

The given approach provides space and opportunity for creative thinking and deeper exploration of the underlying messages. It is also very inspiring because everything we see, use or have is collected and becomes the basis for Charles Bove installations.
The Whitney Museum of American Art provides a unique opportunity to meet the talented artists of the modern era and enjoy the mystic ability of light, sound and various materials, including those we consider wastes to become an impressive depiction of the modern life and art as the basis of meaningful existence.

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