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The Neue Galerie Essay

The Neue Galerie Essay

The Neue Galerie offers an exciting trip to the beginning of the previous century, showing the collection of Gustav Klimt’s eight paintings and more than 120 drawings and sharing the results of work of one of the most talented Austrian artists of his time. Klimt’s works are bedazzling. It takes a tiny lifetime to observe all the curves of bodies and closing of his gorgeous models, all being wonderfully enigmatic and attractive. The rich colors of mosaic outfit cover the tender bodies full of juicy tenderness and sensuality of the women. The pale skin contrasts the black, pastel or golden surrounding of the woman’s figure. Klimt obviously loves the woman’s body as an object of depiction. Gustav Klimt’s women portraits, including the famous Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907), sold for an immense sum, are captivating, grabbing attention to the ornate details and ensuring the admirer would spend more time observing each masterpiece.

Klimt’s works are different to most contemporary art of his time. His unique style and manner guarantee faultless recognition – mosaics and gold technique add up in the outstanding imagery of a mystic gorgeous and independent women that seen to be created for allurement and sensual pleasures. The eroticism and sensuality of the femmes fatales, each time different, yet always unique, proves Klimt was both talented in painting and in seducing.

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Some of the artworks presented in the Neue Galerie show truly outstanding masterpieces that will take you breathe away for a long time and will bring joy to both eyes and the senses.

Another collection being shown at the Neue Galerie has a lot in common with the one described above.

Wiener Werkstatte’s masterpieces created in about the same time – the first two decades of the XX century by the prominent masters like Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Carl Otto Czeschka, and Dagobert Peche and others - pendants, broches made of gold or silver, partly gilt and richly decorated with mother-of-pearls, agate, coral, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, and other semi-precious stones were inspired by fashion designer Emilie Floge, Gustav Klimt’s favorite. The latter collected numerous masterpieces Wiener Werkstatte jewelry in his lifetime.

What makes the Wiener Werkstatte jewelry differ from the other pieces is the combination of refinement and avant-garde colorful vividness. The exhibition offers an opportunity to enjoy the encounter of the old and new eras of the jeweler’s art. The pieces presented in the collection inspire the beauty of thoughts and feelings, and waken a desire for finesse and the joy of life.

I was particularly enchanted by Koloman Moser’s silver and mother-of-pearl belt buckle created in 1905. My grateful eyes could not stop following the graceful curves of the masterpiece.

Wiener Werkstatte jewelry collection presented in the Neue Galerie is definitely worth seeing, because although some of the models are almost a century old, they still look stylish and up-to-date, and arouse a desire for possessing them. Especially taking into consideration the fact that the jewelry rises in price as it matures, just like good wine or outstanding paintings.

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