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Essay on Ghada Amer

Essay on Ghada Amer

"Ghada Amer: Love has No End".
The Brooklyn Museum is now presenting the artworks by a very talented artist - Ghada Amer, who uses various techniques, including embroidery on canvas to depict the major idea of female pleasure. The needlework has played an important role in the development of female art (it has always been treated as the “female” type of artwork) and consequently has been selected as the symbol and the tool of the feminist art. That is probably why Ghada Amer selected embroidery on canvas as her main media.

The works she offers to the public are truly feminine, and are sometimes a curious combination of the Disney’s cartoon and pornographic images, or a sensitive depiction of love, relationships and pleasure. The role of the pornographic images underlies in the idea of the female pleasure are the core of the female happiness and the feminist art. The pornographic pictures she offers are copied from the old sex-industry magazines but use of paint and embroidery laminate a new meaning to the process of satisfaction, because it conveys the physical and emotional state, the strokes of sensuality and power, giving a newer tone to the topic.

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The women on Ghada Amer’s pictures are mostly being on peak or approaching the summit of bodily and emotional pleasure - that is probably the secret of their mystical power and attractiveness. Bodily sensations are attractive and beautiful, and although the sexuality and pornography were rejected by earlier feminists, Ghada Amer insists there is immense beauty and power in the act, if a female chooses to be seductive and is not force into it. Her work And the Beast, 2004, (acrylic, embroidery, and gel medium on canvas) is the reflection of her combined techniques, depicting the act of bodily enjoyment of a young woman, while the portraits of Walt Disney’s animation “Beauty and the Beast” serve as the background. This work may serve as the model for Ghada Amer’s unique style and creative approach towards the meaning of the feminism.

Another installation offered now by the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center or Feminist Art in the Brooklyn Museum is Judy Chicago’s "The Dinner Party", which is known to be one of the symbols of the feminist art of the 1970s. This oeuvre provokes a controversial feeling of shock and excitement, most of all due to the richly decorated by vulvar and butterfly motives china-painted porcelain plates, dedicated each time for a certain woman. The impression of thirty nine names immortalized on the table in such a creative manner is being intensified by the other nine hundred ninety nine names inscribed in gold on the white tile floor. The work of Judy Chicago is quite controversial, no doubt, but it will certainly not leave you indifferent. And that is probably one of the most important goals of the artists.

Every piece of feminist art proves females have fresh distinctive ways to emphasize their role in the world and uniqueness they bring to the artistic environment. And that is also a considerable part of modern art, so if you feel like a fresh look at the female sensuality and beauty – visit the Brooklyn Museum.

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