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Bank of China Essay

Bank of China Essay

Assessing Personal Fit with Bank of China
1. Identify the organization you chose I have chosen the Macau Branch of Bank of China (BOC). The bank is a global leading financial institution, awarded not only for its assets and profitability, but also for its state-of-the-art banking practices. The branch’s main activities include retail and investment banking, clearance for HK Dollar bills and specialized services such as private banking and financing.

2. Answer the following questions:
a. What values would you identify as most important to an organization to have that you would like to work for? From my perspective, an appropriate workplace should provide stability and ensure high ethical working standards, in particular with respect to ensuring a proper feedback with the worker and letting him or her to know what is his career prospective within the firm.

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b. Why did you choose those values? I intend to pursue a career in banking. This sector is very demanding, especially during the first several years. I am willing to put my maximum efforts to satisfy my future employer. However, ethical HRM standards are a safeguard from crossing the line between hard, intensive work and exploitation. Stability plays a role here to ensure a correlation between my efforts and my career prospective.

c. Do you think that the organization you have selected has those values? Bank of China is the China’s biggest bank and ranked 14th in the world. The Bank and continues to grow domestically and international, partially because of the high loyalty it gets from its employees. I am confident that BOC Macau keeps the HRM standards of the group. The Macau branch, for example, takes compensation beyond usual standards, offering generous financial products (e.g., housing allowances and high-interest savings accounts) to its employees.

3. Answer the following question: “Do you think that you would have a strong or weak personal fit with this organization. Why?” In your answer, remember to consider who you are and specifics about the organization’s culture. I have several sound reasons to believe that I am exceptionally fit for a position with BOC Macau. First, the bank is characterized with high degree of innovation and dynamic efficiency. Looking at my personal and educational experience, in particular the flexibility that is required to successfully complete my secondary education, I see many events which I handled by using creative thinking and came up with original solutions. Second, my international background and ability to cooperate with people from different cultures is an asset to bank which aspires to grow internationally, as well as serve as coordinator between Chinese and foreigners. Third, I am flexible in my working style; I can work alone just as good as in a team. I am trustworthy and strict on deadlines and accuracy, which are extremely important traits for a banker. In addition, the Macau Branch, as the rest of the BOC group is committed to improve its technological capabilities. This effort requires not only advanced IT professionals but also competent end users with technological approach, which is one of my main fields of interest.

4. For the organization you have selected, write out 3 questions that you would ask a recruiter or a hiring manager that will give you information regarding the organization’s workplace culture.

What are the requirements for being considered as a candidate for one of BOC’s trainee programs? Considering my current education, which professional directions are open to me? Is it common to be promoted from those directions to managerial positions and how many years of experience are needed in order to be considered for such a position?

Is it possible to participate in an internationally recognized financial training (e.g., CFA, CPA) during performing an entry-level position with your bank?

5. Write a brief paragraph that answers the following question: “In general, what do you think happens when your personal values come into conflict with the values of the organization that has hired you?”

As mentioned above, I see high ethical standards as a key for healthy work relations, in particular with concern to financial management, due to the trust customers place in the bank and the trust that the latter must have to its employees. As long as decent work ethics are practiced, I understand that trustworthiness and loyalty imply a superior power of the employer on me and must comply. Nevertheless, I am willing to confront my employer, even in the price of losing my job. Except breaching moral codes I am willing to adjust myself to the needs and demands of my employer.

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