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Philosophy of Education Term paper

Philosophy of Education Term paper

The contemporary education is characterized by the introduction of absolutely new techniques and methods in the learning process that change the contemporary system of education consistently and in the future this trend will apparently grow stronger. It should be pointed out that the development of new technologies and emergence of IT, computing and Internet stimulated a significant shift in traditional approaches to education. In fact, nowadays, distant learning is growing more and more popular to the extent that it is possible to estimate that in the future this form of learning will gradually substitute traditional system of schooling.

On analyzing the current situation in the contemporary world and education, it is necessary to point out that the development of new technologies produces a profound impact on the progress of society and education. To put it more precisely, new technologies have opened new opportunities for learning. At the present moment students may use the distance learning as a perfect alternative to conventional learning due to the wide spread of new technologies, including Internet, which permit them to communicate with each other and, what is more important, to be in touch with educators who could guide and correct their learning process online without presence of an educator and a student in a classroom, for instance.

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Basically, the distance learning in the contemporary education involves the use of IT and Internet with the help of which it is possible to organize the learning process on line. In this respect, it should be said that the online education is more widely spread on the level of higher education because of the higher educational level of students, their abilities and skills to apply new technologies in their learning and the material basis and high professional level of educators working at Universities. In fact, it is possible to estimate that online University education being quite popular in the present epoch is very convenient because it provides students who live in different parts of the world to get a higher education without wasting their time on the attendance of the University. This fact is very important, especially in the contemporary world, because nowadays people need to have an opportunity to improve constantly their professional level and, therefore, they need education. In such a way, education becomes a lifetime process which should not be interrupted. Otherwise, a person, who fails to develop his/her professional skills, knowledge and abilities, will more likely fail in his/her professional career than a person that is focused on the acquisition of new knowledge and development of his/her professional skills.

At the same time, in the future, the trend to online education will grow more popular on the lower educational levels, including schools. In actuality, this means that the development of new technologies will make more accessible to wider layers of society and will accompany people since the beginning of their life. Consequently, the distance learning provided by the development of online education will be more widely spread because it will make the learning process more flexible and adapted to the needs and abilities of each student and, what is more, it can stimulate self-education of students and make the education a lifetime process.

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