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Research Paper on Telecommunications

Research Paper on Telecommunications

The Difference between Wide Area Telecommunications Service and Leased Lines
Telecommunications play increasingly more important role in the contemporary world. It is not a secret that the development of new technologies opens new, larger opportunities for the improvement of the process of communication, while the development of telecommunications is one of the major directions in the development of the contemporary science. At the present moment, telecommunications serve to connect people worldwide, but the technological opportunities may vary consistently and communication process may vary depending on the technology applied. In this respect, it is possible to name Wide Area Telecommunications Service (WATS) and leased line, which connect people in different parts of the country, but still they have substantial differences which make each of them really unique.

First of all, it should be said that both Wide Area Telecommunications Service and leased line are traditionally associated with phone communication and, at the present moment, both of them are actively used by ordinary people as well as companies to maintain stable and reliable communications. At first glance, WATS and leased line may seem to be technologically similar that is determined by certain similarities in the purposes they target at and functions they perform. It should be said that originally and till the present days WATS and leased line were developed to provide effective telecommunications for a possibly larger number of people, making such communication easier and faster than it used to be in the past. Nevertheless, in actuality, the similarity between WATS and leased line is rather superficial than real. To put it more precisely, it is necessary to point out that leased line is technologically more advanced and it seems to be more perspective compared to WATS, which, in spite of the larger experience of the implementation of its technologies, is less functional and convenient compared to leased line. In order to better understand the difference between WATS and leased line, it is necessary to briefly dwell upon each of them and discuss in details their distinguishable features which actually make them so different.

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In this regard, it should be said that WATS may be viewed as traditional telecommunication service using a telephone number. To put it more precisely, WATS is defined as a toll service offering for customers dial-type telecommunications between a given customer station and stations within specified geographic rate areas employing a single access line between the customer location and the serving central office (Viardot, 2001). It should be pointed out that each line may be arranged for either outward or inward service or both. Basically, WATS has a widely spread network and in terms of the US, it covers practically the entire territory of the country. Due a huge experience of the work on the national market and the implementation of new technologies, WATS provides customers with a stable and reliable telecommunication services. It should be pointed out that WATS attempts to secure the telecommunications of customers through the use of the single access line between the customer location and the serving central office.

However, it is worth mentioning that potentially WATS is susceptible to certain problems in the process of communication and security of communication because it cannot guarantee the protection of customers from breaches of information, for instance, since contemporary technologies provide opportunities for overcoming existing systems of protection applied by WATS.

At the same time, it should be said that WATS has certain advantageous compared to leased lines. For instance, using outward WATS, customers can make an unlimited number of long distance calls, for a fixed price, within pre-determined time and distance constraints. In such a way, customers may use this service without any significant limitations that make it very convenient to use.

On the other hand, leased line has its own advantages compared to WATS. In this respect, it should be said that leased line is actually a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two locations (Gitlow, 1997). Obviously, such a system is consistently more convenient for customers because they are actually permanently connected to each other without the involvement of the serving central office. Basically, this means that two customers can freely communicate with each other being connected with each other. In fact, a leased line does not have a telephone number and it is not actually needed because two locations, i.e. two customers are constantly connected and they do not need the dial-type telecommunication, which is the basic component of WATS. Speaking about the security of a leased line, it is possible to estimate that it may be compared to WATS, though some specialists (Viardot, 2001) point out that leased line is more secure and more reliable in the telecommunication between two locations than WATS and it is more protected from breaches of information and interference of third parties. In this respect, it should be said that leased line is also called “private circuit”, which emphasizes the orientation of leased lines on the privacy of communication of customers.

In addition, it should be said that leased lines could be used for telephone, data or internet services. In such a way, leased lines provide not only privacy of communication but larger opportunities for the communication since it is possible to have conversations, send and receive data, have access to internet. As for WATS, it can also provide such possibilities but the security of data and the speed of transmission of data are often lower compared to leased lines, which are used specifically by two permanently connected customers, while WATS is focused on multiple users. At the same time, the lack of telephone number decreases the opportunities for communication of a customer to third parties, while WATS does not have such limitations.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that WATS and leased line are very popular and widely spread. In fact, both WATS and leased lines are very effective means of telecommunications which provide customers with services of the high quality. At the same time, it is difficult to definitely estimate that either WATS or leased line is consistently better. In actuality, each of them has its own advantages as well as limitations.
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